Sunday, June 30, 2013

Polish TBH Summer Aquarium Collection Part 2

     Hello my friends!! I am soooo sorry that the second part of this review has taken me so long to put up... the past couple have days have just been SO busy in my house!! I am getting up right now though because Polish TBH new shop opens up tomorrow!!! Chrissy is also having a sale to celebrate the grand opening. Save 20% off of your order of $20 or more using the code GRAND20!! So make sure you check it out here tomorrow and get some gorgeous polishes for a GREAT price!! 
    So today I have for you the last color in Polish TBH's new Summer Aquarium Collection called 'Blue Reef' and also a new reformulated 'Stackz' that is now a thermal!! Yes you read right, Chrissy has made us another lovely thermal and this one, like all her others that I have tried is simply AMAZING!! So, with that being said, here we go!!

     First up is 'Blue Reef'. I absolutely love this color. This is the most gorgeous blue jelly I've seen yet. Chrissy describes 'Blue Reef' as "A beautiful jellie filled with blue holo glitter and multiple sizes od iridescent flakies in blue purple and green." The depth of this polish is astounding! The formula was great! I myself did have a slight issue with the iridescent glitters clumping up, but in all honesty I think it was because I was trying to apply to thick of a coat. I did three generous coats with no undies and a seche vite top coat for all of my photos. 

(Blue Reef in the shade)

(Blue Reef in the sun)

(Macro in the shade. Look at the depth! Gorgeous!)

(Macro in the Sun. Shimmah, Shimmah!)

       The last polish I was sent to review is a reformulation of an old color, 'Stackz'. 'Stackz' has been reformulated with different glitters, and has been turned into a thermal polish. How awesome right?? Chrissy describes it as "A deep green jelly filled with micro holographic glitters, green and gold dots, and different sized green and gold glitters. Stackz almost disappears when it heats up on your nail." I have two other of her thermals and as with the other two that I own, 'Stackz' is amazing! It applies so easily and there's no fishing for glitters. It all translates right out of the bottle onto the nail perfectly. I used three thin coats with no undies and seche vite as my top coat for all of my pics. 

 (Stackz cold)



(Macro when cold)

(Macro in transition)

(Macro when warm)

     So that completes my very first swatch and review that I was asked to do ever!! Again I'm so thankful to Chrissy for giving me the opportunity and I hope there's many more opportunities like this in my future! I would recommend all of the polishes that were provided to me for you to purchase.. so make sure you check out Polish TBH shop when it opens tomorrow and don't forget the discount code GRAND20 for 20% off of $20 or more. Also make sure to follow Polish TBH on Instagram @polishtbh and also like her Facebook Page to keep up to date with all things Polish TBH including updates and release dates for all of her beautiful polishes!! Hope you guys enjoyed!! <3

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Polish TBH Summer Aquarium Collection Part 1

    Hello there my beautiful polish enthusiasts!! Today I have part 1 of a very special collection for you. This is the first indie polish that I have been sent for review and swatches and I am absolutely thrilled to be heading in the right direction finally!! Chrissy from Polish TBH has given me the wonderful opportunity to review her new Summer Aquarium Collection which will be released here on July 1st. This is a collection you will not want to miss out on.... I promise!! So without further adieu, ONTO THE POLISH!!

First up we have 'Anemone' which is my absolute fave out of the entire collection. "Anemone is a bright pink scattered holo graphic with a slight shimmer finish." This polish also dries with a satin type finish. For these photos I used two generous coats of Anemone with no undies and I used Seche Vite top coat on only my pointer and middle finger so that you can see the difference in finishes if you were to leave off the top coat. I like it either way, but adding a top coat definitely gives the holo a better pop than it would without the top coat. I let each coat dry completely in between because this is a neon type polish and I just wanted to be sure it wouldn't drag like most neons do. Application was super easy on this one. A fun note to this polish, its also black light responsive, unfortunately I don't have a black light to be able to show you. *sad face* Chrissy has a picture on her Instagram though! Follow her there @polishtbh :)

(Anemone in the Sun)

(Anemone in the Shade)

(Macro Shot in the Sun)

(Macro Shot in the Shade)

   Next up we have 'Moon Jelly'. 'Moon Jelly' is "A purple jelly with purple glitters in different sizes and blue micro glitters." This polish is sooooo pretty and I'm glad to have it as part of my growing jellies collection. Application on this one was easy as well, and I used three generous coats, no undies, with top coat for all of my pics.

(Moon Jelly in the Shade)

(Moon Jelly in the Sun)

(Macro in the Shade, look at those beautiful blue micro glitters!!)

(Just Two Different Macro Angles in the Sun)

     Lastly for Part 1 of this collection I have for you 'Sun Coral'. "Sun Coral is a yellow-orange jellie mix filled with gold flakies, gold micro, orange, and pink glitters." This polish is a lot of fun! Its bright and I love the choice of glitters that Chrissy went with on this one. I'm a sucker for pink so the pink glitters made this polish that much better for me. :) In these pics I used three generous coats with no undies, and added Seche Vite top coat. Like the first two polishes this one also applied really well. This one is the sheerest of her jellies in this collection, so if VNL bothers you, try layering it over a corresponding color first to help reduce it. I think a color like China Glaze 'Sun Worshiper' would be a great pairing for this one.

(Sun Coral in the Sun)

(Sun Coral in the Shade)

(Macro in the Sun, pretty flakies!!)

(Macro in the Shade)

     I am very impressed with this collection from Chrissy!! It definitely screams summer time to me. If you would like to purchase these polishes from her, she will be releasing these in her new shop here on July 1st! Also check out her Etsy shop here until then, to snag some of her older polishes. I HIGHLY reccomend 'Brandy's Mermaid Mixer' *wink wink*. Be sure to follow Polish TBH on Instagram @polishtbh and Facebook to keep up to date with all her restocks and new colors. Plus if she reaches 1,000 likes on her facebook page she's going to be having an epic giveaway to celebrate!! So check her out!! Also be sure to stay tuned here within the next couple days for my post with the last of this collection, plus a new thermal, all releasing July 1st on Big Cartel!! Thanks for stopping by!! <3

Friday, June 21, 2013

China Glaze Sunsational Neons Cremes

    Hello my lovelies!! Today I am very excited to show you the Creme half of the China Glaze Sunsational Neon Collection. I honestly was not going to buy all six of these because I heard so many people complain about the formulas and applications of the whole collection. After seeing a few swatches done though, despite the complaints, I decided I needed all six of the cremes because the colors are just so amazing!! That being said, I will say that as everyone says, the formulas on these beauties are a let down, BUT..... I love the colors of these so much that I really think it is worth the struggle. In all honesty... the struggle really isn't all that bad either. I found that if you do two thick coats of each of these colors and let each coat dry before applying the next coat, that you don't end up with streaks, and every one of these colors dries pretty quickly so that's a plus too. So with that being said.... on to the swatches!!!

      A gorgeous shot of all six creme colors, L-R is 'Neon & On & On', 'Bottoms Up', 'Sun of a Peach', 'Highlight of My Summer', 'Too Yacht to Handle', and 'That's Shore Bright'.

This is two thick coats of 'Bottoms Up' with one thick coat of Seche Vite top coat. This pink is absolutely stunning!! Its so bright and yummy that I wanted to eat my own fingers!! ;-) The only somewhat bad thing about this color is that it was slightly watery, so I ended up with paint in my cuticles because of it. Nothing a lil clean-up can't fix though! This color dries to a satin finish on the nail, but I added top coat for a shine!! Love!

This is two thick coats of 'Highlight of My Summer' with one thick coat of Seche Vite. This has been described over and over again as a mint neon and that's exactly how I'm going to describe it here too. This is my second favorite out of this whole collection. The picture shows it slightly brighter than it really is in person, but not much. This also dries to a satin finish and again, I added a top coat for shine.

This is two thick coats of 'Neon & On & On' with one thick coat of Seche Vite top coat. This is a coral pink type color and it is definitely in my top three for sure!! Again, for whatever reason my camera was making some of these look soooo much brighter than in person. Which is weird because most of the time its the other way around and they don't appear bright enough lol. Either way, this is still very VERY close to how bright this amazing color is. I'd also say that my camera made it look a little more pink than it is as well. I tried guys, neons are hard to capture perfectly. As with 'Bottoms Up' this one was a little watery as well. No biggie (for me anyway). This one also dries to a satin finish.

This is two thick coats of 'Sun of a Peach' with one thick coat of Seche Vite top coat. This one is by far my fave of the six. I don't have anything like this color in all my 350+ polishes and it is GORGEOUS!! This pic is pretty darn accurate too. It definitely has more of an orange tint to it than a true peach, but I can definitely see the peach quality to it when I'm outside in the sunlight. This one dries with a slight shine to it, but I added top coat for the ultimate shine. 

'That's Shore Bright' is a gorgeous, gorgeous purple. This is two thick coats with one coat of Seche Vite top coat. I could not for the life of me get my camera to capture the true color of this polish. There's always one right?!?! In person this purple is slightly lighter than shown. This dries to a satin finish also.

And last but not least we have two thick coats of 'Too Yacht to Handle' with one thick coat of seche vite top coat. I love this color!! Its very similar to CG 'For Audrey' but it is by far much brighter on the nail than 'For Audrey' giving it more of a "neon" vibe to it. Its also been described by some as a Tiffany type blue neon and I would agree to that as well. This also dries with a slight shine to it. 

    All in all this collection did not disappoint in the beautiful colors department. Yes the formulas are a little weird, but its all fixable! These are neons folks, and neons just march to their own drum anyway. I found that the key to getting these to look amazing is THICK COATS! That includes the top coat. None of these colors were layered over a white base, and yet they are still incredibly bright!! That's a plus in my book!! I'm so glad that I decided to buy all of the cremes from this collection and I will not hesitate to use all of them all summer long!! I hope you enjoyed this post... my next post will be up within the next week and I'm super excited about that one, so stay tuned!! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Polish TBH 'Island Fantasy'

     Hello again!! I'm getting good at getting these posts up for you guys :-) Today I have for you one of my favorite polishes from one of my favorite indie polish makers Polish TBH who is having a sale right now because she will be moving her shop from etsy to bigcartel very soon. 25% off all weekend just use the code byebyeetsy at checkout :) Chrissy's polishes range anywhere from $8-$12 for full size bottles and $3-$5 for minis. I will update the link to her shop once she switches over. Now, onto the polish!!

    'Island Fantasy' is a fun gorgeous thermal polish. When cold it is a pretty teal color that shifts to a lime green when warm. These two colors together are amazing!! As an added bonus 'Island Fantasy' also has small metallic teal squares and hexes with micro gold flecks that can be seen well in both states. Like all of Chrissy's polishes that I have tried so far, this polish applies really well. The glitter comes out easily and provides great all over coverage. The dry time for this polish was good too. I used three somewhat thin coats of 'Island Fantasy' on its own with top coat for all of my pictures. I highly, HIGHLY suggest you pick up this polish from Polish TBH. You will not regret it!! You may have to wait until she opens her bigcartel shop though because currently this polish is no longer available on her etsy shop. Love it!! Here's the pics!!

Here is 'Island Fantasy' in its cold state

Here is 'Island Fantasy' in transition

Here is 'Island Fantasy' in its warm state

And of course I had to do a macro shot of 'Island Fantasy' while transitioning :-)

     Well I hope you enjoyed this post!! As always, leave your comments below!! Subscribe and follow!! and check me out on instagram @polishednshined as well for all my nail posts that don't always make it on the blog!! Thanks loveies!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jindie Nails 'Rave'

     I'm back!! I'm trying to get more posts on here for you guys.... at least those of you who are reading this anyway :-) So today I have for you a beautiful and fun polish from Jindie Nails called 'Rave'. Its is described on Jindie's site as "another great, white crelly (cream/jelly) based polish that has large magenta dots, plus medium magenta dots, medium neon yellow hex, several sizes of neon blue hex and neon green medium hex. This one also has a bright blue gorgeous, sparkly medium, large and small metallic and magenta smaller hexagonal glitters. It applies super easy, no fishing required." That last sentence is so true! I found 'Rave' to be really easy to apply and the dry times were good in between each coat. You also don't need a base for this polish at all because it builds up really well. All my pictures show three coats on its own with Out The Door fast dry top coat applied. I let each layer dry completely before the next coat to keep the glitters from slipping. Since this polish is jam packed with glitters of all shapes and sizes dragging could happen if you don't let it dry completely. Rave can be purchased on in mini and full size bottles. Currently she is out of stock of this particular polish, but you can follow her on Instagram @jindienails or like her on Facebook for updates and restock info. Hope you enjoy the swatches :) Very soon I should have a new macro lens so I can take macro shots for you guys in future posts :) Enjoy!!

Shown here is three coats of 'Rave' on its own with Out The Door top coat in the shade

And here its shown with three coats on its own, with Out The Door top coat in the sun :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Disturbed Potions 'Deep Penetration'

   Hello lacquer lovers!! For today's post I have for you a gorgeous polish from Disturbed Potions called 'Deep Penetration'. On the site it is described as, "This is a black jelli polish, jam packed with Blue, Purple in multiple shades. Dots, hexes and sq glitters float in a black as dark as night with holo bits lighting the way." I love all of Annette's creations, polish and natural body care products included. This one is so pretty!! Lets get to the pictures and I'll sum up my thoughts after. Shall we??

Shown here on my thumb is five coats of 'Deep Penetration' on its own with no undies in the shade.

Shown here is another shot of my thumb but in the sunlight. It shows a little more of the smaller glitters.

Shown here is two coats of 'Deep Penetration' over one coat of China Glaze 'Liquid Leather' in the shade.

These last two pictures are also two coats of 'Deep Penetration' over one coat of China Glaze 'Liquid Leather' in the sun.

   Overall I really love the way this polish looks. I have just recently gotten into jellies and both that I have tried have been from Disturbed Potions and I love them both. I love the dots in this polish, but you do need to fish for them quite a bit. That is the only downside to this polish, but so far I have found that the bigger glitters usually require a little bit of fishing, so its not entirely a let down. Other than the fishing, all the other glitter in this polish comes out just fine and lays flat on the nail. This polish sells for $9.00 US on Annette's site and it is worth every penny!! I will continue to purchase from Disturbed Potions because the customer service and products that are provided are AMAZING!! Swing by her shop and check out her other pretties. I'll be posting more from her in the future I'm sure!! :-)