Thursday, May 2, 2013

3 Lil Monsters My Little Pony Inspired Polishes

    Well, well, well.... I'm back finally with another blog post. This post took me a little bit longer to do because I have 7 different polishes to show you. This collection is from 3 Lil Monsters who have created  a line of My Little Pony inspired polishes. This idea is so adorable and so sweet. You can buy some of these polishes on in mini sizes for $4.50 a piece, however some of them have been discontinued and are no longer available. As of this post Pi-Pie and Fluttery are not even listed anymore. Dashy will be discontinued once it sells out but is still available right now. Please check out these lovely polishes. You won't be dissapointed.... I know I wasn't.... Onto the swatches!!

      Let me apologize in advance for the pictures of Pi-Pie which is my first swatch. I don't know why they saved so horribly, but I tried :( So here we have three generous coats of Pi-Pie on its own with Seche Vite top coat. Pi-Pie is inspired by Pinkie Pie. I love pink and this is a perfect mix of glitters to go with it. Pi-Pie is a creamy pink base with small pale yellow hexes, small blue squares, small and large metallic pink circles as well as small micro metallic pink circles as well. This is unfortunately one of the ones that are no longer available but I wanted to include it in my post anyway.

     Fluttery is a yellow based polish inspired by Fluttershy. This is also three generous coats on its own with Seche Vite top coat. Fluttery is so adorable and the little neon pink butterflies I think are what make this polish so amazing :) This is the second polish that is no longer available. Along with neon butterfly glitters this polish also has pale pink butterfly glitters as well. It also has small and medium sized teal hexes, and I believe they are micro pink and silver circles as well. I did not love this polish at first, and to be quite honest I only bought it to complete my MLP collection from 3 Lil Monsters.... however, once I got it on my nails and put a top coat on it this polish really won me over. I can't wait to wear it again. Its so fun with the butterflies in it. :)

     This next one is by far my absolute fave one out of all 7 of these polishes. This polish is Dashy and its inspired by Rainbow Dash. This is three generous coats of Dashy on its own with Seche Vite top coat. This teal based polish is absolutely amazing!! I'm going to be soooo sad when I run out of this color because it is just absolutely stunning on the nail. Dashy is made up of red, white/silver, and purple stars, small red squares andsmall red circles, tiny green hexes, blue shreds, silver micro cirlces, and my fave part, the neon green small and medium sized hexes. I'm sure I'm missing glitters in this because it is just so jammed packed with amazingness. I hope I got them all somewhat right anyway lol.

     Next we have Celly which is inspired by Princess Celestia. Out of all the new MLP Celestia is my fave because of the colors in her mane and tail. She's just gorgeous! Celly, the polish, is no different. This is three generous coats of Celly on its own with Seche Vite top coat. From what I can see, Celly is a white based polish with Stars and hearts of different colors, blue purple and iridescent, pink shreds, small red and blue circles, small gold hexes, small purple squares and small micro silver circles. Another jam packed polish with beautiful glitters. This is probably my second fave of the group.

     Next we have Luni inspired by Princess Luna. Luni is a purple based polish that is very gorgeous. I usually love most purple polishes and this one is definitely at the top of my list. This is three generous coats of Luni on its own with Seche Vite top coat. Like all 3 Lil Monsters polishes this one is also packed with glitter. Silver moons, small black and lavender (might be silver lol) squares, purple and teal metallic shreds, and micro teal metallic circles.

     Next up is Ra-Rai which is inspired by Rarity. This white based polish is so cute. The colors used in it are a perfect pairing for this MLP. This is three generous coats of Ra-Rai on its own with Seche Vite top coat. Ra-Rai's glitters include, blue metallic diamonds, white diamonds, small blue metallic circles, small purple and lavender  squares, and micro lavender circles. This is number three on my list I think :)

     Lastly we have Twilly, inspired by Twilight Sparkle. This is three generous coats of Twilly on its own with Seche Vite top coat. This light purple/pink polish is gorgeous. This picture doesn't quite do it justice. Its sooooo pretty in person. I love it!! The glitters in Twilly include tiny silver circles, small purple and lavender squares, small blue hexes, medium neon pink hexes, silver stars, and purple holo bar glitters. In all honesty I hate bar glitters.... HATE them lol, but somehow in this polish they just work. Maybe this polish alone will convert me into loving bar glitters. We'll see about that though lol.

     To sum everything up, this collection is adorable. I'm so glad I was able to snag all seven and even more glad that I bought Fluttery even though I had my doubts. These girls are incredible when it comes to polish and their hearts are just as incredible. All of the money they make from these polishes they give to a local charity.... aren't they AWESOME?!?! They take after their mother/grandmother Annette who is the SWEETEST woman EVER!!! She is the creator of Disturbed Potions and also has amazing polishes, soaps, butters, oils... everything!! So when you go to her site to snag these My Little Pony inspired polishes make sure you buy some of her full sized polishes too. Hope you enjoyed this post!! Post number two is in the books!! Hurray!! If you have any questions or comments leave them below, but please be nice!! :-) Follow me via GFC if ya like what you've seen so far and make sure to check me out on Instagram as well @polishednshined.... Thanks!!!